Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mixed emotions.

Well, firstly, obviously tell about something good right?
As you all know, today my results are released.
I can say I'm relieved.
Although I did not get 4 flat :)
I was desperate to know my result that I woke up at 8.30am @.@
I'm satisfied although my CGPA dropped 0.11 :(
From 3.88++ to 3.77++ =.=
Dropping is so easy but to raise my CGPA is so difficult!
Anyhow, my new resolution for this semester is to reduce playing Facebook games and watching movies =x
YES! I sudah kena tegur oleh kengkawan kat kolej!
Mereka sedar that last sem saya banyak main Facebook game, download movies to watch (sudah ada UniFi) and don't do tutorial questions =x
They saw that I was pathetically lazy, relaxed and not focused on my studies at all.
Well, I don't know what happened to me @.@
I thought I knew everything =x JOKING JOKING!
I was just lazy a.k.a being me =x
BUT, thanks to people who supported, helped, encouraged and gave luck to me, I PASSED! :)
Thanks for yesterday's wishes too!

Another thing that made me happy is I got the clothes I ordered online :)
One of the clothes is this.
This is RM10.
Another two was on promotion.
Now that the promotion had ended, the pictures were removed.
Their service was superb!
Staffs were VERY friendly!
And the material of the clothes are not bad :)

Okay, lets move on to the disappointing news.
I cashed out from Nuffnang on the 29 August 2011.
So they had to process the earnings and stuff.
And today I received an email saying that my cashout was rejected due to click fraud.
I promise I did not ask anyone to click my ads repeatedly :(
If I were to do that, obviously I'd be earning like mad right?
But I waited for so long and finally earned RM50 and I don't get it =.=
What to do?
WAIT =.=



waalllaa! said...

hi sis!! congrats!! study hard okeyh! keep motivate urself..don't play games lagi yea..banyak download2 nnt bertambah virus dalam lappy tu..careful ok..keep backup ur important document..have a nice day!

Doel Qoyyum said...


``Felicia Kok. said...

wallaa, THANKS! HEHE! btw, nak tanya, waalllaa tgh study course apa?

Doel Qoyyum, :)

Kiki's Land said...

i had the same problem with you too..i request the cash out on end of Aug and received the email on 21 sept said that my cash out was rejected due to click fraud.. :((