Saturday, September 10, 2011

She's growing!

Welcome all ye readers! :)
Lets see Mimi's progress in growing up!
She is 3 months plus but she is learning very fast!
 This is the time when mum doesn't let her come in anymore!
You know why?
Because the other day, mum left a box of mini mooncake (8 inside!) on the living room table and the next thing we know, the whole box was on the floor and she ate 4 pieces!!! GRR!
There were 2 types of flavour, one is filled with nuts and the other one was the normal one.
And Mimi ate the ones with NUTS!
Mum must have gone NUTS after the incident! LOL.
Nahhhh, mum said, "I'm a very reasonable person. I feel that it was not Mimi's fault but mine instead. For my carelessness for leaving it at a place Mimi could reach." Awww~
So, mum doesn't allow her to come in anymore since that day.
Yes, there's a BUT!
Dad and I felt pity for Mimi and we usually let her in. Shh~ 
 Look how much she's grown!
 This is the way how Mimi lies down =.= 
She is like this relaxed dog!
She's cute larhhhh~

 I love this picture to the max!!!
Look how the acts all innocent!!!
 She has long legs!!

Oh yeah, the other day I went to watch Contagion premier thanks to Nuffnang :)
I won a pair of tickets.
Midvalley, 9pm movie :)
Then, we saw this.
Yes, this is McDonald.
 Let's look a little closer shall we :)
 I used to think McD is great because it is a franchaise company and all but after seeing this, I think that it is just like the mamak stall =.=
Please use proper English.
Malaysians' English is really bad.


waalllaa! said...

ur puppy tu comeeyylll sangat.. geram.. my auntie pun ade mak puppy..i pun tak pandai nak beza kan sebab the dog tu kaki pendek..tak tau umur berapa..
bila kami datang dia akan bawak anjing tu duk luar her puppy tak kacau kami la..I nak pegang tapi takut kena gigit..n takut my dad marah..hehe

``Felicia Kok. said...

Haha, when kecik comel larh, but dah besar dah x comel dah :)

waalllaa! said...

hehe..yeke..kalau camtu u bela la anjing yang memang saiz nyer kecik..bila dia dah besar pun badan dia tak kan membesar to bigger size.. ade tak puppy cam tu.. kira genetik puppy tu memang kecik..
I rasa ada kot..hehe

``Felicia Kok. said...

Ada, small breed punya, tapi saya nk anjing tuk jaga rumah cuz cni bnyk robbery case.