Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Lazy Post :D

During Hari Raya my whole family went up to Terengganu to visit my aunt for the first time! :)
She has been there for more than 10 years but that was the first time :(
Okay, seriously I'm kinda lazy to post about what happened during Raya holidays x_X
So I'll just upload whatever I have k :)
And add the caption.

   This is a video of a leech!

For more photos on my visit to Terengganu, visit HERE.
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The other day Mel and I went to Midvalley to watch The Smurfs! :)

Can't remember what is this called.
It is from Gong Cha at The Gardens.
Super nice!

Oh, the name is here :)

Anyway, so, that was basically what happened during Raya week. 
More to come kay. 
Been kinda lazy nowadays.
More on Mimi next time :)


ken said...

i love gong cha :)

waalllaa! said...

gong cha tu halal tak? I love to go to seoul garden which looks like gong cha i guess..hehe.. if halal I can go n try since it's raya already..kikikik... anyway which part of terengganu ur aunt lives? I also went to terengganu on 3rd sept coz before this my family live in terengganu but since a few years ago my dad had to work at kelantan, so we move there but our house at terengganu is remain there.. will back there once in a while..but after my dad back from doing his Haji this year, we will move to terengganu back.. coz my dad bersara awal.. weeeee...seronok!! i lagi suka to stay in terengganu rather than kelantan.. the facilities ad environment is much more better,,huhu..have a nice day to u! i also very lazy to update about my raya ..

``Felicia Kok. said...

Waallaaa, i think it is halal, sumthing like Chatime :) Erm, Jertih.

waalllaa! said...

oo..i will survey tat first later,,
it's a very long time I didn't go ti midvalley...haha..very malas..
ur auntie live in jertih? thats near to kelantan already..hehe..and it was a very long journey for u right?

``Felicia Kok. said...

Yea, around 8-9 hours! Never been on the road for so long hours! Jalan sampai entah mane den highway end @.@ Terpaksa ikut jln lame, somemore that time raya kan, xde kedai bukak, lapar!! Nasib baik akhirnya sampai gak :) Mase balik ikut jln Kelantan sane.