Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Contagion & Johnny English Reborn Premiere!

First of all, I don't think 25 days of sembreak is enough for me =x
I need to rest more, play more and sleep  more =x
So, basically I need at least a month!!!

Anyway, been to Midvalley GSC cinema for twice already, to watch free premiere! :D
First, I would like to thank Nuffnang!
The one that gave me the free pair of tickets!
The first premiere I watched was last week, which was Contagion.
The movie was not-that-interesting but it was OKAY~
It was basically about a disease called REV-1 which is swine + bat flu! :D
They basically stressed out and point out the obvious which was, "Human fear spreads faster than a disease".
That theory is so darn true okay!
Just imagine someone not telling you how many people has died because of a disease but tells you to not speak to anyone or touch anyone.
DUDE, the curiosity will turn into FEAR!
So, wanna know more? 
Check out the movie! :D
Next movie premiere that I watched was Johnny English Reborn!!
I was so scared I could not win the tickets cause more than 100 nuffnang-ers participated!
But I won!
If you love comedy and watching people get smacked in their face, then this is a MUST WATCH movie!!!

This was just amazing!

Oh ya, the movie ended around 11+pm.
Then we were finding for the toilet.
To our surprise, all the toilets in Midvalley were locked!
We went from floor to floor searching for a toilet that wasn't locked =.=
It was pretty pathetic!
Finally we found one toilet for the disabled =.=
No choice but to use it.
I wonder how the workers that work until midnight use the toilet @.@

Anyway, the other day, I purchased something online.
Mum got pretty unhappy about it :(
I bought a purse :)
It was called slim-purse.
I had to choose light green cause others were out of stock :(

See how slim it is!

I bought it from
The things sold there is rather cheaper than other online stores :)
And the delivery was superbly fast!
I banked in the money on Monday and got the purse on Tuesday morning!
I was like WOW! @.@

So, that's the end of another simple post!


Bella Enveeus said...

Hi there! Went to catch the JE premier too tho haven't the time to write a review yet. Would probably do that tomorrow.. Nice movie right?

``Felicia Kok. said...

Haha, yea, it was superb though in the Star newspaper they only rate it 3/5!! Can't believe it!