Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh mama!

Gosh, this is killing me!
Tomorrow is the day my results will be released.
I've never been this scared before!
Cause I KNOW I did badly for finals :(
That one pathetic account paper :(
Oh, I hope I don't fail.

I used to do quite okay in exam and hope to get an A.
This time, I did quite badly and hoping to pass =.=
Ever since the second I came out from the exam hall, I was already worried about my results.
Just imagine if I were to fail one pathetic subject.
That will result to...
1. No more scholarship.
2. I need to work part time in order to pay for my tuition fees.
3. Life's gonna suck!
4. I'm gonna cry like mad :(
5. Gonna get depression.
6. Might end up committing suicide

God, I pray that I will not fail.
Even a C is better than failing :(


papermeh said...

aiyo, KTAR can resit wan ma, no need scare..

waalllaa! said...

good luck for you!! I want u to visit this blog.. it's about dogathon at UPM..
U baru ada puppy kan.. join la ni..


``Felicia Kok. said...

Yang, I don't have money to study eh!
waalllaaa, puppy saya takut sgt, dia x berani jln kluar rumah pun xD

waalllaa! said...

oh..really? so pity..u kena rajin2 bawak dia jalan2 .. if u can come..i will show u the place..coz I stay in UPM hostel..hehe..just very near to bukit expo.. memang every year ada rasanya dogathon ni..nak pergi tengok tapi takut..as well as takde orang temankan nak ke sana..ehehe

``Felicia Kok. said...

haha, but I think my dog boleh join fastest eating duo xD dia mkn punya lah cepat xD

waalllaa! said...

hahaha..so funny..nanti ade pertandingan makan2 saya inform..hehehehe