Sunday, September 18, 2011

Opps I did it again!

Oh no, today is the last day of sem break :(
So sad!
I don't wanna go back to my routine days :(

Lets blog first :)
All these photos are taken using my noob phone.
The camera quality is not very good.

Don't know when this photo was taken.
From here, I can see that my eyes is kind of huge @.@
And as usual, I have lots of medals! 
 Went to Ding Tai Fung the other day in Midvalley.
Mel said we should try something new.
So, here we go :)
Hot and spicy mee.
 Some fried rice @.@
 And their famous siu long bao :)
 Then we went to Snowflake.
First time having it there!
 This kinda sucks =x
Although it was their famous monthly dessert.
It sucked.
Some sesame don't know what.

That's all the photos I have in my phone.

So, life's not getting any better.
Dad's still calling mum stupid and shouts at her regularly.
Hmm, when will this nightmare end?
Well, I just hope I graduate and find a stable job as soon as possible and get out of this hell of a place and bring mum with me!
I wanna protect her with all that I have!
Give her eternal happiness.
And take her away from this evil monster!

Oh ya, yesterday I thought of something before I fell asleep.
I've always stuck to my own perception that I don't know when my mum is going away from me.
It could be anytime.
I might only be having a few years, a few months, a few weeks, a few hours or even a few seconds.
I will always remind myself that no matter what happens, I put my mum first.
Therefore, weekends, especially on Sunday, which is the day that she is not working, I like to stay by her side. 
No matter what she is doing.
Whether we sit at home and watch TV, or go shopping or just sitting and doing nothing, I wanna be with her.
During weekdays, I prefer to spend time watching TV with her downstairs rather than sitting in my computer chair alone.
I know that she can't be there for the rest of my life.
So I wanna be there for her for the rest of her life.

So, to all children, I hope that you appreciate the time you can spend with your parents and if can, spare your computer time to talk to them or at least sit with them.
You don't have forever with them.

If can, I wanna stick to my mum 24/7.
But I know I can't.
So I try my best to spend my spare time with her :)


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waalllaa! said...

I wish I could.. I am very close to my dad.. coz I think it's contra with ur family.. in ur problem, ur dad did it to mom.. but me, my mom did it to my dad.. so I lebih pity on my dad..dia banyak bersabar..and I kalau balik kampung, akan sentiasa temankan my dad.. my laptop akan berhibernate sepanjang saya ada dikampung..hehe..or even if my parent come lappy also will hibernate..most of the time if my dad at home memang I akan temankan dia makan..tengok tv..sembang2..kalau keluar pun my dad selalu ajak I temankan dia.. I pun cuba to make my relationship with my mom better..kadang2 ok..kadang2 it's not working..but i keep trying and trying..huhu sedih bila teringatkan diorang..