Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TRIPLE kill liao lorh??

Okay, EXAM got me begging for mercy :(
3rd exam for the semester and I'm already halfway dead =.=
TAX was like, "eh, got answer wei!" but I trusted myself and did the wrong answer eventhough I already KNOW the right answer. DANG!

2nd exam was Financial Accounting =.=
That totally sucked! Read Drop Like Mad to know more.

And today, the 3rd exam of the semester, Principal of Finance =.=
People said the theory part was easy but the calculation part was indirect.
But to me, all the theory part which consisted of around 10/30 questions was blardy difficult! =.=
Like die liao lorh like this!

I'm so dead :(
Hope I don't fail coursework.
If not need to RETAKE!
No money lerh =.=

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