Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Drop like mad.

Omgosh, my viewers analysis for this week drop like mad!
It's like the earth's gravitational pull suddenly so strong! :(
I can't believe this is happening :(
Actually I can, because I seldom update and there's nothing interesting to blog about.

So bla bla..
Today I was very reluctant to get up at 6.30am!
So I created a song for myself :)
*Love the Way You Lie melody.....
I just wanna lie down and go to sleep.
If that's alright because I like to sleep a lot.
I just wanna lay on bed whole day.
If that's alright because I love to sleep a lot..I love to sleep a lot :)

I was like this a few days ago...
FA test sucks like mad =.=
One blardy hour for 4 questions.
1. (a) - (d)
2. whole accounting question which includes Bar trading account, T-accounts, Statement of Affairs, Income & Expenditure Statement and Statement of Financial Position =.= 2 pages =.=
3. Stupid subcription question =.=
4. (a) 2 T-accounts, (b) some stupid one page question which I didn't do =.=

Then I thought of someone!!!

And to top that, Time wasn't enough!
One hour only!!
For 3+ pages of answer =.=
Not enough time to write the answers perfectly also!
So anyway, I don't think I'm gonna get even half of the total marks :(
Accounts not balanced.
I'm not sure if account is for me now :(

Anyway, tomorrow scholarship holders have to go for a talk @.@
So-called Tan Siew Sin talk :)
Mum said that my grandma is related to him ;D
That makes me related to him too. *winks!

Stress giler btw.
3 assignments at once!
Every single week we have exam, non-stop.
God bless me :)

Till then.

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