Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mentally disturbed.

Just got up 44 minutes ago =x

I had a DREAM, that I had a NIGHTMARE.
Got it?
It's like, I dream that I (in the dream) had a nightmare!
Okay, so the nightmare in the dream was about me bathing @.@
Why bathing right =.= I also don't know.
Actually I'm not sure whether I dreamt or it was my illusion in my dream.
You know, dreams are very unclear :)
So, I was bathing. I mean in the nightmare or so-called-illusion, I saw 2 ghost, kiddos =.= squarting down behind me @.@ but no one else could see them. Then I keep shoo-ing them away, but they just go off a while and then in a while they were back there again! You know in public bathrooms, the wall between one shower and the other is kinda low, but this one at least can't see your neighbour's face. ANOTHER ghost was standing there :(
It was scary okay!
Then in that dream, as in the first layer of the dream, I told my friends, got 2 people but I can't remember the other one, I know one is Jessica Lim @.@
Then she help bring me to see some mental specialist or something.
It was very long but I can't really remember.

My dream is so weird kan?

People usually dream of being chased by monster or teeth falling, but I dream about ghost watching me bathe =.=
Funny =.=

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