Monday, June 06, 2011


Yeah, we all have our own habits in life whether it is positive or negative.
So, I am here, being so lazy to read my Taxation, wasting precious time. Instead of studying and getting full marks for my internal test, I would rather spend some time brushing up on my English language? Ye ker? =.=
This is unbelievable xD LOL!
Okay, anyway, so, I am here to share some of my habits and also my family tradition :)

1. First of all, I prefer sitting with my legs on the chair, rather than putting them down like a lady =x What I mean is folding my legs while sitting on a chair like as though I am doing yoga. Get it? Don't get it means go bang your head on the pillow and read again and make sure you get it before proceeding to number 2!

2. 2nd habit, procrastinate. This is my favourite habit of all! I always always always always waste time. For example, WHAT I AM DOING NOW! I have a test on Friday but I am here, writing this crap entitled Habits. =.= Isn't this procrastinating? And you people (people from my class a.k.a Grp 18) are also procrastinating! Stop reading and go and study or attempt some tutorial questions! ( Not that there are any readers from my class, I'm just trying to make this post a long one =x ) You see? This is a perfect example of procrastination. Wednesday I have 3 tutorial classes and I haven't attempted any of the tutorial questions. Sigh. So anyway, my motto is to play to the max before doing any other important stuff, so yeah, again, procrastinate =x

3. The previous was long aite? Let's see. 3rd is I am kiasu, a.k.a afraid to lose. Is this even a habit or a characteristic? Let me think........Nah, I don't care whether it is a habit or a characteristic. I just want to win! Losing is not for me! I hate it when I lose :( Especially Facebook games =x =x =x I didn't just say Facebook game did I? Nope. Didn't. Who would ever want to lose? You tell me and I will give you a slap!

4. Okay, back to serious and real habits. I brush my teeth first before bathing. I just noticed that some people bathe first then only brush their teeth but I prefer cleaning from the inside out. Erm, I mean, mouth first then only body and hair. Oh yeah, I also put body shampoo first before putting shampoo on my hair @.@ Does everyone happen to follow the same procedure as this? Well, comment and let me know :)

5. Same. Habits. I take my toothbrush, wet it, put on some colgate ( it is suppose to be toothpaste but in Malaysia, everyone calls it Colgate eventhough the person is using a Darlie toothpaste! ), wet it again, rinse my mouth once and start brushing. Some people wet their toothbrush only once, some prefer it dry @.@ What about you?

6. I say "I don't know when I don't wanna answer". Yes, this has became my life since I don't know when. Cause sometimes I just can't make up my mind when someone asks me something, so I prefer saying "I don't know" and let the person decide :) Smart kan? :) I tau, I sangat pandai.

7. Erm, since small, I always take out my pants before going into the toilet, either to poo or pee =x I don't like my pants to get wet when I take them off =x But now I seldom do that cause I got no privacy =.= Anyway, this is not important, let's move on!

8. I like to talk to myself. Especially when I am doing classification and calculation. Example, accounts =.= I need to tell myself verbally, where to put and what account to open. And the most important data is the AMOUNT. If not for sure I will write the wrong amount and not get the right total =.= So, during exam, it is the hardest for me :( Pity me kan?

Okay, I can't think of anymore habits of mine. When I remember to think about it and get a thought then I will blog again. Yes, I am twisting my words like no ones business again @.@

You know, people always say "Cut your hair frequently so that it will grow faster".
Is this a myth or a truth?
It can be both actually.
It is a myth because, our hair grow from the roots and not the tips, you cut your hair shorter or not, it makes no difference. It is the healthiness of your scalp.
But, it is the truth because, if the tip of the hair becomes dry, more nutrition is needed to repair those dry hair. So it slows down the growth of hair. Therefore, by cutting and snipping off the dry part which is usually the tip of the hair, it will help in hair growth.

Wee, finally a long post :)
Hope you had fun reading :D


TK said...

1 vote for brush teeth after bathe!!!

Yang Yang said...

hahaha.. really interesting leh.. like like.. :D

Yang Yang said...

For me arh, I brush teeth dulu wor.. o.O
but me is hair shampoo dulu, then only body.. @@

``Felicia Kok. said...

eh, i forgot to write family tradition -.-

Pavi said...
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Pavi said...

brush first then bathe. and also wet the brush first. :) i like this post.. damn funny.. :D

Melvin said...

Brush after bathe!!!