Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Today lecture went well.
Lecturer resigned @.@
Not because of us for sure.
We are great students =x
So yea, today is her last day :(
She asked a question in class and the person that answered it was rewarded a text book!

After lecture, we had discussion.
Lotsa things to do.
And I am so pathetically fatigue :(

So, as titled.
Today I was teased and laughed at.
I was waiting for the LRT at Masjid Jamek.
2 malay girls were standing beside me.
One of them looked at me and then started telling the other girl something.
Then that girl looked and me and started laughing.
Then I heard the first girl saying, "wei, hidung dia! besar doh!!"
Then they kept talking and laughing about my pimples.

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