Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Blood donation is Love donation :D

So yesterday I went and donate blood.
Guess what?
It affected my health.
So, I think I have low blood pressure.
I only donated 350ml and I used more than an hour =.=
Its like, I'm the first to be seated but I'm the second last to leave the hall =.=
So I met a girl there ^^
Her name's Jade :D
Taking Diploma in Quantity Survey this year :)
Sweet Sarawakian.
So anyway, after donating, I spent around half an hour in the library sitting and singing =x
Then walked to Melati LRT station.
Everything was still normal.
Until I reached Masjid Jamek =.=
As usual, I like to walk all the way to the end and enter the coach which when the door open, the stairs would be right in front of it.
But when I was waiting, my vision started blurring.
I thought it was probably something normal due to the hot weather.
I'm guessing the weather was hot @.@
Can't really remember the weather.
So I just stood there leaning on the wall.
But suddenly I was sweating, cold sweat to be precise.
This time vision black out.
I noticed many people staring at me like as though I had something on my face.
But no one actually let me sit down =.=
So I walked to another bench, and saw a small gap between 2 men.
I walked nearer and asked the Nigro guy to move and let me sit.
So I sat at the end of the bench and tried clearing my blacked out vision.
Took out the soya bean I got from blood donation and drank it.
Until I reach Tasik Selatan, I was still drinking =.=
Soya didn't work.
Was waiting for Mel.
And still my vision blacked out again!
Thanks Mel for picking me up on time!
Before I fainted :)
Got in car, kena marah.
Reach home, kena marah.
Today went college, kena marah again.
Since yesterday, after donating, I have difficulty in breathing.

So, I'm wondering, should I donate blood next sem?


waalllaa! said...

donour bila berat dah bertambah sikit..hehe..n b4 derma tu kena makan siap2..lau bleh pas derma tu makan choc..utk tenaga segera takut tumbang plak nnt..hehe

``Felicia Kok. said...

haha, thx for de advice! ^^ I ate but I don't know why.

Anonymous said...

black out is scary right?! like temporary blind @.@ take care!

Anonymous said...

black out is scary right?! like temporary blind and deaf @.@ take care!

``Felicia Kok. said...

ta, yea, haha, and somemore add cold sweat, felt like the world stopped for a moment! THANKS! ^^