Tuesday, February 01, 2011


The other day I mentioned that my uncle from Penang just passed away right?
Last Saturday evening we went up to Penang to attend his funeral service.
We started our journey around 6pm and reached at about 10 something at night.
The parlour was on our way to Grandma's house, so we stopped there.
Oh ya, on the way there, I used 2 hours to read this novel.
It wasn't like what I expected ( yes, my evil mind).
Because the previous one I read about an unwanted girl was much worse.
Anyway, reached there and chat a little while, then we went for supper :)
Went to Pulau Tikus but then the shops were all closing so we decided to go somewhere nearer.
There was a cook there that was only 10 years old.
Yes, it is illegal but quite interesting! xD
Bro ate tom yam maggi =.=
I ate hokkien mee.
Mum and dad ate Kuay Kak. SUPERB!
So after that we went back home, washed our face and went in the house.
It felt so nice to be home =x
That time was already 1am, so we all went to bed.

The next day was the funeral service.
We went to the market in Tanjung Bungah ( Grandma's place) market.
Wanted to eat there but couldn't find parking.
So we da bao-ed back home :)
We da bao-ed a lot of food.
Hokkien Lam Mee, Kari Laksa and Chee Cheong Fan.
When you are in Penang, you must try their drink called Ba Po Peng. ONLY AVAILABLE IN PENANG!
After breakfast, we went to the parlour.
This dog, has been there since the starting of everything!
Then we chilled and talked.
Then cousin bro (Kelvyn) said he wanna go da bao lunch.
Dad tagged along.
Waited super long =.=
They came back with 10 packets of Mee Goreng Sotong and a few packets of Ba Po Peng!
The Mee Goreng Sotong had so much sotong in it!
It was like eating pure sotong only! xD
Oh yeah, aunt bought Ba Cang kuih for us too.
Then proceeded with the funeral service and went to the place to cremate the body.
After that, we found this!
Lots of cows!
After everything was done, we went to Mount Erskine to da bao lunch.
Saw this, pretty interesting!
One stall, 2 nyonya old ladies working together to make laksa ^^
We da bao-ed ice-kacang, nyonya laksa and passambo ^^
Then we slept for a while at home and at night we went to Pulau Tikus!
It was expanded to the opposite road!
Wanted to eat mee goreng and siam laksa, but both no more.
So I ate Kuey Teow Soup.
Also ate fried kuey teow and da bao-ed this!
Muar Chee~
After that, went to another shop to da bao Apom Balik manis and Kuey Kak =x
Try counting the number of food I ate =x
Anyway, that was all for the day.

The next day was the picking up of the bones and throwing of the ashes into the sea.
So we went to the cremation place to pick the bones and off to the sea.
The big boat had problem with the engine so most of us didn't get to go cause they took the smaller boat.
So we leftovers, sat there and chat.
I walked around, took photos and look at the beach :)
I saw a trail of ants!
In the picture can't see. Too bad~
The trail leads up to this tree!
Scenery! ^^ Enjoy~
So, that day I ate chee cheong fan for breakfast again :D
Then we went back.
On the way home, I continue reading the novel and managed to finish it.
Overall, I used 5 hours to finish it ^^
That's all I guess.

Better go back for reunion dinner you guys!
Or else, you might regret it.
Happy Chinese New Year!

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