Saturday, July 31, 2010

July's over.

A few more hours and July is ending.

It's gonna be August!
First of all, thanks to those that wished me, spent time with me, planned something for me and especially to those who celebrated for me! ^^
College classmates!
First time celebrating birthday in college.
It was indeed a memorable one because we had 3 cakes and 3 birthday peeps there :)
It was GREAT!

Thanks to BB friends and Angela for celebrating my birthday on my birthday ^^
Really had lotsa fun although it was a little disaster and something unexpected.
Expect the unexpected xD

Basically, July was a lot of fun!
We had plenty of birthday celebration and fun time together.
The good news is that all coursework and assignments ended!
Time to face the real battle ; final EXAM! :)

Upcoming events : Final Exam and dad's birthday.

The other day dad asked us whether we were gonna plan any birthday celebration for his 55th birthday and we said no.
I don't know what to plan cause it will be during my final examination period :(
Gahh, why must it be clashing.
His retiring year and that means his "menopause" year =x

Photos to be uploaded soon, real soon, as soon as i get it @.@

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