Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sense of reliefness

IA assignment - done!
IA presentation - done!
IA coursework 1 - done!
ME coursework 1 - done!
ME coursework 2 - done!
ME coursework 3 - ON THE WAY :)
QS coursework 1 - done!
QS coursework 2 - 30th July =.=
HE assignment - done!
HE presentation - done!
HE coursework 1 - done!

I guess most of it are done :)
Gahh, why must QS test be on 30th July?
In Form 3, I got my injection on 30th July.
In Form 4, Physics exam.
Form 5, Physics international exam =.=
It's like, so unlucky =x
Anyway, ME test was kinda easy okay today.
Was kinda nervous before it.
Cause early in the morning CM sms me and asked a question!
So I became gabrah like usual =x
But luckily I went through it smoothly.
Class ended early cause tutor lost her voice and let us go :)
So we practiced HE presentation till we didn't had the time to eat :(
Ate only a bun, then off to HE class.
After that, around 2pm, we finally ate our lunch.
Then went for QS lecture.
I was seriously sleepy that time.
But luckily break time, we had a little bit of laugh together :)
College life is getting better.

No turning back now.
Semester 1 is gonna end and final exam is around the corner.
I won't think that I chose the wrong course because no matter what course I take, I'm learning something new everyday.
Even if I don't really like what I'm learning, it's knowledge.
Relationship with classmates are getting better :)
Although most of us came from different backgrounds and state, we can actually mix around.

Anyway, no updates on gor's birthday.
I'm not sure whether he likes the present or not.
Hope he likes it.
My birthday coming! :)
I wish for FOOD!
Lotsa lotsa lotsa food! ^^

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