Friday, July 16, 2010

Got this website from Saktia..

Do play it when you have time xD

Got QS test 1 mark today. Huge sigh.
Superbly sad. I promise to do my very best for the next test, and my target is to get all A!

Anyhow, went Jusco today =D
With Sook Mun, Yang Fung, Jia Ying, Su Vern, Yee Tong and the birthday boy, Wai Sing =D
Shopped and ate there ^^
Then we attended QS class =.=

Role-play was considered as a success, I guess.
Wasn't much of a drama.
Yang Fung might upload it on facebook.
Gosh, then everyone will see it =(

Going for swimming tomorrow! Wee~
I'm gonna try to do as much homework as I can today night! YES!

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