Monday, March 15, 2010

6 more days till I'm finally free? 0.o
Been free before, was bored of it and now I'm desperate for it.
Wth =.=
TARGET - RM4000 in 6 days!
Sounds kinda impossible to me though.
Eventhough it is but I'm gonna try to achieve it.
Don't wanna give up so easily.
I've learnt so much from my colleagues ^^
Will miss them a lot =(
When I get back in June, I won't be seeing most of them.
Cause a few of them are quitting their job and moving on in pursuing their dreams =)
It's never too late to realize your talents ^^
I'm saying that cause I haven't notice mine, and I'm already 18!
Gahhh, what do I wanna be when I grow up?
It has been one month plus that I've been working.
Glad to say that the experience I gain was somehow great.
Met people from different background, speaking different languages and I realize how friendly they are eventhough they can achieve higher success compared to us.
Fitting in ain't that difficult after all =)

12 more days~

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