Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Update =D
Not long ago, I touched this blog xD
Nothing much to update.
Leaving on the 28th of March, 18 more days =(
Gonna miss him and family.
And chee ming, and tk, and those who always sms me =(
Going to somewhere near =D
Somewhere called Beranang, in Selangor. Near kan?
But x tau kat mana pun xD
Not sure when I'm coming back @.@
Will be working till erm, 21st, if can larh.
If can't then till 25th.
If wanna ajak me out or anything, please do contact me.
I assume my viewers know my hp number @.@
But if don't wanna meet me or see me then I don't really care.

Will be getting my SPM result tomorrow.
Don't know what to expect.
Not having high hopes at all.
5A's is all I wish for.
But of course more will make me happier xD

Can't get into PLKN website =.=
Tomorrow working =(
Now I realize how tiring it is to work.
But the money is so satisfying =x
I get more then my allowance lerh!!
And I can finally buy things without thinking thrice!

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