Thursday, November 19, 2009

So this is how it ends.
It's my heart that is broken.
I thought the friendship was true.
I thought I won your heart.
I blame 'it' for everything.
Thanks for the memory though.
All ships in the world sinks.
Even friendship.
It's the weirdest feeling when we know something that everyone has already knew and we're the last person among our friends to get to know it.
It makes me feel unimportant, useless and not a good friend.
Just trying hard not to think about it.
It doesn't really mean anything right?
The only important thing now is I LOVE MYSELF.
Whether any other people love me, it doesn't really matter anymore.
Everyone changes.
One day one friend can come up to you and say, "dude, you're my best friend and smiles at you"
The next day, he/she could just walk pass you and ignore you.

When your friends need you, they would put up a smile...When you're not in use, they will put you aside..

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