Sunday, November 15, 2009

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Smiles =)
This is what we, SPM-ers need now.
I'm sure the pressure has gotten into all of us.
Striving to do our best in the coming exam that opens the doorway to our future.
Whether your hopes, dreams and ambition are about to come true.
It all comes to this.
9 days or 10 days of examination.
And then, out of secondary school, into college, A level or even working days for some of us.
It's your future, you decide.
You wanna live a life filled with difficulty or a life that is easy?
You decide.

Just here to give encouragement to all sitting for SPM and also STPM =)
Stay happy as always, do not pressure yourself too much.

Remember OUR aim : smiles Pictures, Images and Photos

Yesh! No more A1. It's A+ now!!
Good Luck peeps!!

Signing out. Peace out~
Will be back in 3 weeks =)

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