Monday, November 03, 2008

Got up at the WRONG time this morning xD I totally forgot that I don't need to wake up so early in the morning ANYMORE! Hurray! =)
Cause starting from today, mum's gonna send me to school. Hehe.
So woke up super early today, eventhough it was usual time. But still too early for today. Then I got ready and slept back xD
Till 7.05am then mum send me ^^
Reach school nia perhimpunan time T.T Sien. Then enter class, tk, cm, gin, lynn, hj, ky and I were all chatting so damn loud xD Then suddenly...PIANG! Something broke! HAN JON! Eh, not han jon break larh. He broke the mirror xD Haha. But nothing happen also larh. Hehe.
He go support all his weight on the mirror -.- Sure break larh. Simple theory =x
Then chat chat chat..exam start le. Erm, what was the first paper? Oh yea, sivic. Boring. Just close one eye and circle then hantar. Recess time was super fun lerh! That's the reason I love going to school! FRIENDS! They always brighten my day! =)
Then then then..PJ paper -.- dtad.
Then sejarah. walao, first q wrong liao xD I thought book answer correct de. Mana tau wrong -.-
Damn shyt larh that stupid book -.-
Then after exam, balik time. Sigh. I think I already made my decision to attend lorh. Wanna prove my loyalty. Shyt her, she never gimme back my calit. Damn her larh. So today kinda okay geh. Morning time damn high xD HAha. 5 minutes before school end finally I get to turn on the fan faster -.- Haha.
Today hui hui leng luii geh birthday lerh. Can sense someone damn happy xD
Happy Birthday to Hui Hui.
Wish her all the best and always always always stay as pretty as she is now ^^

Tomorrow addmaths le. ^^ I hope can do ba. Just wish to pass nia =) No more big dreams.

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