Thursday, May 08, 2014

Natural Chemistry.

It is something that cannot be forced.
It is natural.
Like how positive attracts negative and if put two of the same together, they repel.

It is not easy to find people in the world, or even one person that can have that natural chemistry that can immediately seal a bond between you and that person.

When I was doing my internship, I realized that there are people in this world that just doesn't "click" with some people.
It is like, no matter how hard you try to reach out or compromise with that person, the two of us are like a parallel line that cannot meet, cannot compromise, cannot agree or basically are not on the same channel.

If you sit together with another person and topics of small talks just naturally comes in your head and you feel comfortable talking about even the crappiest things, it means you and the other person have natural chemistry.

I like people who have the same frequency as me.
We can just sit in a coffee shop or anywhere and just talk or most probably crap the whole day.

Out of topic kejap.
Have you ever met someone that you think is a very good person even though you don't know them?

At times, I have this bad habit of being kiasu around my friends.
I want to be better than them in all ways. LOL.
But then some times, I meet people that I barely know and yet I think they are like so good in many ways and I like them for that.
Last year I met a girl, a friend's friend who eventually became my friend.
And I like super like her, as a friend.
She is one of the many people that I don't compare myself with and I always tell myself that she is so pretty and cute. HAHAHAHA.
And I just genuinely like her?
LOL. Now I sound like a lesbo :o
No, not lesbo.

Okay, nevermind.

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