Thursday, May 01, 2014


Recently I am quite into lipsticks or lip balms that are with colours!
So I actually came across this website called Best Buy World Malaysia.
I actually came across it several years back but never actually purchased anything from there before.
They are selling their items at below market price.
Some are a lot cheaper than outside, some are slightly cheaper but all in all, CHEAPER!

So they are currently having sales!
& the ones that caught my attention were their lipsticks!
I actually bought 3 of them.
*GREEDY, I know!
Best Buy World Malaysia's delivery is super fast!
I actually ordered on Monday and the items arrived on Wednesday!

Let me show you pictures of the lipsticks!
From left Estee Lauder's Pure Colour Crystal Lipstick #C5 Wild Orchid (Shimmer), #11 Crystal Coral (Creme) and Clinique's Long Last Lipstick #Water-melon.
 They are actually on sales!
From left RM12, RM16 and RM18.
Where else can you get Estee Lauder and Clinique's lipstick at such a bargain right?
Lets see the inside!
 This is without flash!
And this one is with flash!
The Clinique one is super niceeee!

I actually tried all on but did not take any pictures.
All of them are actually very nice.
You won't feel dry after putting them on.
Great colour.
Does not taste bad.
Kinda makes your lips look fuller :D

As whether it is long lasting or not, I am not sure because I only tested it on a while and then rubbed it off.
Can't wait to really put it on and go out to see if it lasts!

Those who are loves lipsticks, go buyyyyy! :D

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