Saturday, January 18, 2014

I don't need a ninja suit, all I need is internet.

Did some moderate amount of stalking looking through someone's Facebook profile tonight.
And, stalking it is not an easy task.
Like seriously.
You gotta load from the beginning of the year that person joined Facebook and read every single post.
At first I was about to give up but then the posts got more and more interesting.
It was really entertaining.
Not kidding.
Study smart, not study hard.
& more tips to get good marks for P papers :D

Read 2 years of updates and I finally give up.
Too lazy to keep clicking the load moreeeeee.
Will continue next time when I have more free time.
Would probably get shooting for doing this instead of looking at annual reports for Gamuda & IJM :\

How can it be that behind the suit and tie is a damn funny and flexible person?
Jokes all the way.
Entertainment non stop.
Oh, and a lot of food in between.

Okay, enough of stalking for the night.

*Thinking should I still eat the burger :\ It is 11.40pm btw.

I think I shouldn't.
Or should I?
Already ate one burger in the afternoon.
Should I eat another one as supper?
Gosh, tempting.
Okay, I shouldn't.

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