Sunday, June 30, 2013

Oh, climbing up the mountain of socialization again :(

Here comes another weekly update.
Internship was still as awesome as always for the week :)
So I will be changing audit team again starting from tomorrow.
Third client already. YAY!
The good thing is that I will get to know more people.
And I can sense leng lui-ness in the next team :DD
There will be more girls compared to guys. *I checked :D

Anyway, I really feel like cutting my hair like super short again :(
My hair is super dry and frizzy.

Oh oh..
I realized that I am a kind of person that do not like to socialize zz
In a room filled with people, I would be the one that stands at a corner while everyone dance.
In a band, I would be the one standing at the back, backing up the others.
In a game, I would be the one that replaces the main players that get injured.
In a performance, I would be the backstage one that is never seen.
In the world, I would be the one that gives the world the least impact and just making sure nothing bad comes from me.

I don't know if it is my character that is dragging me back from approaching people or is it just the people that makes me feel so lazy to approach them.

Because of my weird and passive characteristic, I am really slow at getting close to people around me.
Therefore, I would prefer people to approach me rather than me approaching them.
& I know not many people would take the initiative to take the effort to suck me in in their team or group.
People nowadays are more like, "You're alone? Your problem lah.".
So, yeah.
I don't mind being alone anyway.

Blahh. Not being emo here.

Just blasting my mind and thoughts out :D

Anyway, time for some entertainment and motivation.
 Am currently having one of the worst face ever.
Pimples and break outs everywhere on my face.
Gonna stop spicy and fried food for the moment and drink more water.
*asifI'mgonnadothat pfft

& finally...
"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." - Kelly Clarkson

"If you can endure the pain, you can one day reign." - feliciajpk

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Cipto Junaedy said...

Pimples are annoying.