Tuesday, April 02, 2013

You are beautiful.

Dear future me,

Fat or thin. You are still beautiful :)
If you are fat, use this as a motivation.
If you are thin, stay thin and build up more confidence in the body you have :)

Spend a little time to be happy just the way you are.
It doesn't really matter what the world see you as.
The most important thing is HOW YOU SEE YOURSELF.
Are you satisfied with what you see in yourself?
If yes then stay that way.
If no, don't get all depressed and cry.
Find a way to change and be the person you wanna see yourself as.

Things in life don't come easily.
You gotta put effort if you want something.
As I said before, more often the questions is always you WANT it or NOT and not you CAN or CANNOT.

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