Monday, April 01, 2013

The Rush.

Have you ever felt a sudden rush of emo-ness?
It's like, there is nothing to be sad about but somehow you're just sad.
And then you start listening to emo songs.
And you get sadder.
And then you start singing along to those emo songs.
And then tears just start running down.
By then, there is no way to stop them from falling.
The gravitational force seems so much stronger that you can't hold back the tears.
Then you realise, mother nature knows best.

The reason why you became emo initially was because of an inner force within you that you denied all this while.
You are stressed, sad, lonely or even afraid.
You are so disturbed but you ignored and neglected that feeling.
After collecting a lump of sadness and depression, your body cannot take it anymore.
Thus, your body automatically takes action and make you cry.
It is natural for a human to cry when they are facing problems.
You can try to deny it but you cannot lie to yourself.
You can put on a smile in front of others, but deep down inside, you know what you are feeling.

Okayy, this is just crap larh.
I got nothing better to do.
& I am listening to emo songs.
No, I am not being emo or what so ever.
Just that, I like emo songs.
The feelings the singers portray.
I wanna be just like them.
I wanna know how to express my feelings when I sing.
I wanna write lyrics like them.
I may not have a dream YET, but it's okay :)
I wanna be what I wanna be.

What is the point of painting a picture that only experts understand?
"A good artist paints a picture so that even those who do not know art will understand the meaning behind it."

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