Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mission Accomplished!

Well, there is good news and bad news for today.

Lets start off with the good news.
The good news is that I finally passed my driving test! :)
To be frank, I really wasn't confident at all for the test because all of my friends actually paid the bribe for "on the road" but somehow my driving institution did not mention anything about the bribe.
Even when we first enquire about the whole driving package, the instructor's wife kept telling us not to pay the bribe money eventhough mum asked about it.
The aunty kept saying there is no need to pay for bribe because most of their students actually passed without bribing.
So yesterday(the day before the test), I was actually freaking out helplessly because I cannot practice or whatsoever to calm myself down.
And the fact that I did not bribe really got me frustrated and I expected to fail :|

The driving uncle was supposed to pick me up at 7-ish in the morning today so I set my alarm at 6.15am to be well prepared.
But due to heavy downpour and the cold weather, I woke up at 6.15 and turned the alarm off =.=
Bloody smart.
End up waking up at 6.40-ish =.=
I was like, oh my gosh! WHAT THE HECK WHAT THE HECK WHAT THE HECK =.=
The phrase went through my head the whole time from the moment I woke up until I actually got ready.
But luckily the uncle came like around 7.30am.
The thing is, I was prepared physically but not mentally :\
I was nervous the whole time.
And eventhough I woke up late, which means I had extra time to sleep, I actually slept the whole way till Bangi, the venue for the driving test.
Serious nervous problem. LOL.

We reached the place like around 8am?
Super fast :(
Not enough time to sleep!
Then we took our numbers and waited for the counter to open and blahh..
Waited damn bloody long =.=
From 8-ish till like 10-ish!
Then the test began around 10-ish.
Freaking nervous!
First one was the hill!
We actually had to stand in a line beside the hill and wait for the cute little kancil to come over xD
After the hill, we had to wait for our turn to do parking and three point turn.
Success! :)
Then after those, we need to run over to the pondok to get our results.
Then the officer was like, "So, SPM berapa A?".
I got stunned @.@
I answered, "Huh?".
Then he see my IC again and said, "Eh, ni dah lama lepas SPM. Dah kahwin dah ni."
LOL =.=
Then, the next thing to wait for was ON THE ROAD!
Omgosh, this one freaked the shyt out of me!
The wait is terrible!
It's like, when the testing car comes back, you don't know if the next one will be you ><
You just gotta wait till they shout your number and straight away it is your turn.
No warning, so sign, no anything!
After waiting for sooooooooooo freaking long. 
Finally my turn! YAY!
Then I went in, said HALO and Selamat Sejahtera.
I don't know why but I like to say HALO to people. LOL.
I don't like HELLO, I prefer HALO.
Then I did the basic checking stuff.
I checked the side mirrors but because I feel they are fine so I did not move them, so I got an X for that :(
Anyway, when I was ready to go, the hand brake was actually stuck =.=
Like wthhh?!
I actually tried sooooo hard to put down the hand brake but couldn't!
It is like LOCKED!
I tried for like 3 minutes? 0.o
Well, I don't know how long it was but it was quite long that I became nervous I thought he would fail me immediately for not even knowing how to release the hand brake!!
After trying for so long, I decided to turn to him and say, "tak boleh". :(
Then he said, "Biar saya cuba".
And at first he couldn't release it too :P
But he used right hand okay! So eventually he successfully released it larhhhh.
Then then then, everything on the road went smoothly except one part where I forgot to off the signal light =.=
When I noticed it, I was like, "Oh shhhhhhhhh".
I did not mention the full word. Only shhhh :P
But anyway, I PASSED! :)
For the internal test I got full marks and for On the Road I got 16/20 :D
Well, I don't need high marks cause I don't get anything even if I get 20/20.
I am definitely satisfied with my results! :)
Pass in one go and without bribing!
But righhhhttt, after that righttt, the driving uncle didn't send me home :(
I had to take the KTM to Tasik Selatan and then the bus back home :(
So I basically spent like 2 hours just to get back home after a joyous pass =.=

Anyway, that was the good news :)
Here comes the bad news.
My acnes are backkkkk :(
Now my face look like a piece of shit. SMASHED. SMASHED PIECE OF SHIT.
It's like, acne everywhere.
Another depression stage.
Not only I look ugly and it hurts like pretty bad, my self esteem fell like from cloud nine till like 6 feet underground :(
I am not enthusiastic to even leave the house :(
I don't wanna meet peopleeee!
Just wanna sit at home, mirror-less, wishing the ugliness would wear off :(
But I can't stay at home larhh.
Tomorrow got whole day in college and Friday got test.
Saturday also got test.

And and and, this freaking sore throat!
When are you leaving?
You make me sad.
Go away.
Go far far away!

Well, at least I wrote the good news longer than the bad news.
So still good news win!

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