Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fever has arrived.

Few days ago I posted this.
 So, after a few days, the fever has arrived.
But the fever I'm referring to is not the headache+heaty fever.
I am referring to the MOUSTACHE FEVER!!!!

Today I went to Cheras Leisure Mall to shop!
Yes, shop till I drop! =x
So I got myself some moustache series clothings from F Block Boutique!
One of my favourite boutiques!
They look so pretty kan?
I think I should frame them up and look at them the first thing in the morning =x
They are gorgeous!
And guess how much it is!

F Block have their own website too.
Now they are providing free postage service too.
But you really gotta try it on yourself to know if the colour suits your skin colour and if the size is right cause most of it are free size but some might be bigger and some smaller.
Super cool tees!

Btw, if you are unable to visit their physical shop then you can buy them online at
Since now they are having free delivery, so the price is the same as in the physical shop :)

But because of the high demand, a lot have run out of stock.
So grab them fast!
I went online and checked what else design they have and they have more online compared to in shop.
I am aiming for another 3 different types of design.
Will most probably buy it when I get my pay :\
Still waiting for my pay =.=
Hopefully it doesn't run out of stock soon.
Or hopefully F Block replenish their stock because the market DEMANDS for more!

Anyway, happy shopping for those interested! :)

Again, the website is :)


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