Saturday, May 05, 2012


The new and final semester has begun.
Only first week and I am feeling kind of exhausted.
Yesterday I attended 4 lectures in one day.
I feel sooo tired when I got home.
Thanks to my friend for giving me a ride home of course, if not I would feel more tired.
I got home, surfed the net a while and took a nap.
Woke up, took my bath, ate dinner and went back to sleep.
So much for Friday night!

Today is a public holiday! :)
No Mandarin class.
Finally I don't need to wake up early in the morning,Wee~
So, I have no idea what I'll be doing.
Maybe get myself prepared for tomorrow's job or study and do some tutorials.
Anyway, tomorrow I will be working!
Yes, earning side income still eventhough classes has begun!

Okay, enough of my rants.
Here is the interesting part.
Yesterday morning I took public transport to college.
Dad sent me to Masjid Jamek and I got on the LRT.
So, I got in and didn't have a seat.
After a few stops, I finally got a seat.
I got a perfect seat with an unpleasant view =.=
Seiously =.=
Do you know what is PDA?
PDA basically stands for Public Display of Affection.
You know, sometimes I just can't stand couples acting nonsensically in public!
The couple in the LRT was sitting next to each other and the guy's face was always right in front of the girl's face.
He will be hugging her and I don't know, I just try to avoid looking at that pathetic scene!
I had to bare with that for more than 10 stops you know.
I finally got down at Wangsa Maju station feeling all relieved.
Guess what?
They got on the same bus as me!
They had no seat so the girl leaned on the pole near the back door and the guys stood right in front of her with his arms around her neck and of course, his face right in front of hers.
The front part of the bus was quite packed.
Thank goodness I was at the back part!
People were coming in from the back door and trying to get to the back part but because of the couple blocking the way and refused to move or separate, no one could come over to the heavenly back part :)
You see, this type of people are not only a sore in the eye but also brainless to cause inconvenience to the society.
They should be banished to another world and in that world may everyone there live the way they are living!

Crap, what did I just wrote? 0.o
Anyway, yes, I hate scenes like that!
Like, go get a room larhh!
Or go buy a cloth or something.
So whenever you wanna be so intimate, place the cloth on top of you guys and do it!
HAHA, then at least it will be acceptable in public.

I believe there are many people out there that also do not like this type of scene.
Here is one of them.

Happy weekend!

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