Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Cold.

Okay, I've got the cold.
It has been 4 days already.
Nose and eyes have been really itchy and my nostrils were most of the time blocked!
I wake up every morning with a sorethroat!
The mucus will be stuck in my throat and dry out and cause pain to my throat.
Besides that, I am also having cough.

Okay, I was touched today because finally someone was concern about the sickness. LOL.
Nope, not my family members.
Nope, not any of my friends either.
He was merely a stranger!
Like, seriously.
Despite the fact that I was sick, I still went to college today for Mandarin class.
On my way home, I took U40.
It was raining and cold.
I slept in the bus.
Then I woke up when the bus was nearly reaching Leisure Mall and the guy beside me ask me what time it was.
I answered him and he asked me back if I were sick.
He told me to take care and suggested a few medicines, both traditional and western type.
And guess what!
He is only 16 years old!
How can the friends beside me don't even care and yet a stranger comes up to me and actually cared @.@
During the conversation, I was actually feeling awkward because he was speaking Mandarin and my Mandarin is not that good so I could barely understand what he was really saying =x
But after that, I was really touched by his action of care :)

I know I have been lazing around and not updating my blog.
I'm suppose to review a few restaurants that I visited.
I have not even uploaded the pictures into my computer yet.
Delaying things again!
Will update soon :)

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