Monday, February 27, 2012

Shoes! :)

Recently I went to Bata Fair at Viva Mall :D
I heard that it started on the 25th February, so I went there on the first day itself!
Bought several shoes, it was a rather fun day!
Let me introduce my few dearies! :D

First, we have the pinkish sneakers!
I got this for RM10!
It's indeed a steal!
Serious comfort and style! :D
Next up we have the killer heels!
I got this for an incredible RM15!
Ehm, I can see your jaws opened wide!
Serious! RM15!
They are selling 2 pairs for RM30.
I shared the deal with a girl, so we both got it for RM15 each pair!
This next one is a shorter heels :)
But....also RM15!
Oh la la, finally I have my own running shoes!
NO! Not those school shoes I used to buy to replace running shoes!
I highly recommend you guys and girls out there to go for the fair!
It is really worth it and those shoes are seriously from Bata!
The place is Hall 1, Level 2 of Viva Mall :)

They have Happy Hour in the afternoon until evening I guess.
Every Happy Hour lasts for 10 minutes or less than that!
So, you gotta act fast when they shout HAPPY HOUR!! :D

When I was there, the happy hour that was held was; 3 pairs of slippers for RM5 for both girls and guys and also 2 (bag+shoe/shoe+shoe) for RM25!

Oh ya, if you purchase 3-4 pairs of shoes, you will get 10% off.
5 pairs and above is 15% off.
And if you have Public Bank debit/credit card, you will get additional 10% off :)

I regret not taking a slipper the other day to make it 5 pairs! :(
Don't repeat my mistake!

So, what are you waiting for??
Get your bum off the computer chair and head on over to Bata Fair!!! 
It ends this Sunday, 4th March!
Are you still reading this????

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