Friday, February 03, 2012

The present.

After so long.
Actually I have no idea what to blog about.
Just wanna appreciate the moment :D

Today I was clearing the grassy area in the garage and then I found this!
A butterfly that just came out of its cocoon! 
Like, omgosh! I have never in my life seen this before!
So I captured quite a number of picture trying to get a great picture of it :D
 Recently I have been eating a lot.
But I have also been going for jogging for a couple of times early in the morning x_X
Early means before the sun rise!
YES! 7am!
Still dark, no sun!
And that helped me lose some fat! :D
Aku sudah slim balik =x
Judge for yourself :)
Sing k session was fun with close friends!
Gonna miss having fun like this!
It's like, we just are able to be ourselves rather than pretending to be someone we're not :)
Close friends don't mind our weaknesses and appreciate our strengths.
 Smile while you can and while you have teeth! :D
Cause we all are growing older! NOOOO~

 Say "NO" to drugs, smoking and papparazzi! sharks' fin soup!!!

Had lots of fun.
Hope to gather again when we have the chance!

CNY was lots of fun.
College will be starting very soon.

I will be staying in hostel and might not be updating my blog so often.
So long! :D

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