Saturday, July 16, 2011

There's no more THEM.

New movie, LARRY CROWNE!

Buddies? Close buddies?
Sometimes I wonder, do friendships last forever?
You know, after coupling, it's like when I wanna go out with my boyfriend and a CLOSE buddy, they somehow will REJECT.
Cause they say they are afraid of being a lightbulb.
But why?
I'm your friend, he's your friend. So what's the problem now?
Is the statement, "Got bf/gf then no more friend!" true?
I don't or I can say NEVER ever used my status as his gf to get something or convince him to do something in front of other people.
Why do people ACCUSE me of doing so?
Even if we aren't a couple, I would say what I said.

Oh ya, that's not the main topic for today.
I just babbled that out for no reason.

My main topic is, the SECONDARY school gang is officially no more.
There's no hang outs AT ALL =.=
Somehow the relationship died or something, I don't know.
Or maybe I just don't wanna know.

I feel hurt when you know, a best friend or maybe I thought was my best friend, cause according to that friend of mine, "I like to call someone best friend then I marh call larh, don't like then marh not my best friend larh." best friends mean nothing to that friend.
So why bother kan?
We used to sms and tell each other problems a lot.
Now it's like I'm a total stranger to that friend.
My other friends are so much closer to that friend compared to me.
At least they know who that friend has a crush on and know what that friend has been up to.
So, maybe my theory of "when someone drifts away, there's no point pulling them back" can be used here?
Is it because I'm too caught up with my own things? Or because I did not ask?
I think I would consider not caring but I can't afford to lose another best friend?
I think I let too many slip away.
College life really opened my eye to many different things, behaviours and people.
For the last 3 semesters, I decided not to open my heart, as in engaging in college friendship and taking them seriously but I guess I have no other choice.
Cause I can't depend on my secondary school friendship anymore. It's like I ask, "Hello, anyone there?" and I get a complete silence reply. So why bother?

Oh, btw, I'm a girl from a low income family.
DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT invite me or think that I would go for any hang out at high class restaurants.
If you are considering about dining in any restaurants in KLCC or any high class restaurants then count me out unless you are willing to treat me :)
I don't earn my own money.
Those monthly money I get from my parents are cash resulting from them burning their asses either by sitting in front of a computer or burning their calories ironing, cleaning houses and washing fabrics.
I'm a total frugal person!
McD is fine with me but only during LUNCH HOUR. Other than that, you can go on your own and count me OUT!

Peace out!


Doink said...

Your 'peace out!' sounds very cool, emitting some kind of aura @.@ owh ya, Bubba Gump boleh? =x

papermeh said...

u treat her la, sure ok...
treat me oso la, plsss....