Tuesday, July 19, 2011


HEY, I'm back again! :D
One more coursework left!!!
Then it is officially just normal college life before the HUGE finals!
Can I get 4-flat AGAIN?
I wish, I hope and I pray that I will AGAIN! :D
It is superbly great if I were to get 4 larhhhh...
Maybe I should stop saying or thinking that 4 is a bad number xD
It is a GREAT number!

Oh ya, back to the title.
I'm filling up my schedule.
Gonna be busy like a bee.
Tomorrow class from 8am-5pm, sharks, I know!
Friday, might be going to Irfanah's house!!! ARGHHH! Can't wait!
I'm glad I went for today's lecture cause then Friday I can go back early!
Then Saturday and Sunday family day as usual ^^
Then next Monday - Wednesday classes as usual.
And Thursday, sing k with college friends!!! WEE~~ Celebrate birthday!
And trying to fill in Friday @.@
Saturday, eat ice in Kajang and then Mens' Health Night Run in Putrajaya with bf and buddy!!! ^^

I can't wait for these exciting programs!
Oh ya, presentation next week =.=
Hope everything goes well!

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ken said...

all the best :)