Monday, April 18, 2011

Part & parcel of life.

So, today is the resting day! :)
2 days of work made my legs cry out for help x_X
It was only two days.
And that was the 2 days that I felt thirsty!
Wanna know why?
Cause my job was basically to cook (yes, COOK! Using the pan!) and to promote a.k.a talk whole day! LOL!
Yes, I kinda loved that job.
Cause I do not have a card to punch!
I can walk in and out anytime I like =x
I can take off my tag, apron and cap and walk around Jusco purchasing and consuming like no one's business =x
Yes, but I did not slack!
I am one of those goody-good-girl =x
So what I learnt from working is first of all, COOK!
Cook with a sticky pan!
Okay, I do not know the name of the pan that is the opposite of non-stick pan =.=
So I call it sticky pan xD
So yea, pan temperature ok + oil temperature out = egg sticks to pan!
Pan temperature out + oil temperature ok = egg sticks to pan!
Both out = egg sticks to pan!
Get the equation?
So basically everything needs to be ok!
Then only it will turn out perfect!
First day of cooking was haywire =.=
I cut my finger even when taking out the knife from its plastic.
One word, pathetic.
Another word, hopeless! xD
So, the aunty-aunty kat sana helped me out for the first 2 times :D
The aunties there were superb.
Just incase you didn't know, I spoke Cantonese to those aunties!
So, the third try, which was at 5pm =.=
I did it myself, still failed.
So that was part of day 1.
Other than cooking, I get to stand and promote like mad about how good the egg tasted (the egg was superb! Trust me!) and how good Carnation Evaporated Creamer was :D
So, this was it.
I promoted this.

Then came second day.
Oh ya, on the first day, I sudah kena warning for wearing skinny =x
So the next day I wore a formal slack =.=
Anyway, I went there all determined to cook a better egg! =x
First try, another aunty helped me =x
Yes, I was teased as the girl that never went into the kitchen but I learnt my lesson :D
They said they were like watching "Beauty Kitchen" a.k.a Mei Lui Qu Fong.
I do not know the pinyin but I guess most of us know that show 0.o
So anyway, improved a lot, like seriously.
The egg doesn't stick anymore!
But the problem is, eventhough the egg does not stick, everytime after I finish cooking, I need to wash up everything I used and keep it in a plastic, back at the huge tupperware before I go out to promote because of some security problems in Jusco =.=
So, it is pretty troublesome.
Everything there is strict.
The aunties said that if you leave your things around, they will just throw it away =.=
So, that was pretty much day 2 and the last day of work :D

Akhir kata, I loved that job and thanks to Cm for introducing that job to me and making me RM160 richer xD

Anyway, the fridge nowadays has lots of hams in it =.=
I guess mum's trying her luck on finding ham that taste as good as Mel's mum gave the other day xD
And my house is filled with milk.
Dutch Lady milk. Chocolate, full cream and strawberry.
If you're a begger, knock on the door and your thirst shall be gone xD

Oh ya, the aunty-aunty asked me about my SPM result, I said I got 10 As and one of the aunty stared at me and said "Oi, lei lo dou sap goh A, lei khei hiong li dou zou mat ye??!!" which means, "You got 10 As and why are you standing here??!!"

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