Sunday, April 24, 2011


Nowadays I'm so lazy to blog.
Sem break is superb!
More pictures :)

Look! It is a fat leg! =x
That day I attempted to fry omelette for dinner.
Used 4 eggs.
First attempt.
Not nice enough.
Second attempt.
Smells pretty good.
Tadaa! :D
Looks like pizza kan? xD
So anyway, yesterday I went out with B, F & M =x
It used to be BF^2M^2.
Now it is just BF^2M :(
So, we had lotsa fun!
& had lotsa FOOD!
Each of us had 2 1901 Hotdogs!
& Mabel brought chocolates from Langkawi.
Our conversation venue started at 1901 and ended at Secret Recipe in Leisure Mall xD
So the lady at 1901 has a baby trolley with a doll in it!
Scary? Creepy?
Don't believe? Go see it for yourself!
Then Brigs and Fran made a mess! =x
They were tearing everything at 1901!

Then we proceeded to Secret Recipe.
Talked and took pictures :D
Coming soon.

That day was Easter Vigil.
Parents went early to church.
I took this xD
Experimented with my phone's camera.
Didn't know it can do this :P
That night, mass started at 10.30pm.
And lasted until 2am x_X
Slept at 3.30am.

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Jz said...

How I wish I know how to fry an egg >.>