Sunday, February 27, 2011

Something to write about.

I haven't been blogging for quite some time.
Due to lack of inspiration and bad time management I guess.
I took leave from BB already.
I'm kind of glad.
Disconnected from BB people. Yes, I kind of don't give a damn.
Anyway, going there once a week, I noticed a lot of changes in people.
I am indeed anti-social-ing to observe.
First, people don't talk to me. LOL, that's normal, so no changes for that :D
That's not the first.
The first thing I noticed is that the young don't really respect the elder.
The ones learning somehow likes to find ways to 'attack' the teachers.
They like to find their teacher's weaknesses.

Therefore, to become a person respected in BB is super hard.
Number one, you need to be a good quality package.
There's no number two because it is all included in number one.
You need to be strict, good in music, good in singing, good in education, good in arts, good in speaking, good in communicating, good in everything. The way you stand need to be right, or else people don't see you.
Oh yea, and you need to be active in 9th Mile Lutheran Church or else people won't know you.
So yea, that's one of the reason I feel like quitting.

Even one visit to BB can make me feel like an outsider.
Do I feel like going back there?
In my heart, I can say my answer is a real hard NO.
When I was in BB, I always felt that it is important for us, as a member to attract and bring those that left back.
But I guess now there's no more that kind of thinking.
I don't feel wanted there AT ALL.
I do not have any contribution to offer. This is because I do not have any talents and I'm not good in anything. So don't bother asking me to teach anything.
There are so many talented people there, they can do the job THEMSELVES.

Can you imagine?
I feel nicer and warmer being in college compared to BB which I've been going for more than 2 years!
I've only been in college for less than one year.

Nobody from BB will be reading this anyway, so I'm just wasting time, so lets just carry on with the next topic.

So yea, I'm indeed enjoying college life.
I enjoy studying a lot :D
Okay, talking about results.
My 2nd semester result was the same with my 1st sem so nothing to comment about.
Hope that I'll hit 4.0 this sem :D
Mondays are super long.
Leave the house at 6.30am and normally reach home at about 8pm if I'm taking the suckish public transport.
Other days are fine.
Been eating a lot in Canteen 1 recently.
The food there are nicer but more expensive.
Yes, canteen 1 and canteen 2 have different pricing!
Pretty glad that I finished my part of the assignment.
This coming Friday, 2 test and 1 presentation.
Pressure giler!

That's all I guess.
Going back to my anti-social life :D


Anonymous said...

didnt realise this until i read this post..sorry..=(

``Felicia Kok. said...

It's okay :)