Friday, October 15, 2010


Home alone again =)

3rd week of second semester in college.
Upcoming assignments to be completed :
English individual presentation next Thursday.
FOA assignment next next Tuesday.

Okay, funny thing that happened yesterday.
I told 2 people and they ended up laughing xD
It's hard for me to make people laugh okay, I'm a sort of a serious person. (some people even calls me sombong T.T)
Yesterday I went to the park for a jog.
I forgot why but I ran to the pave on my right on purpose.
In front was a family consist of a lady, a man and a child.
When I was about to hit the pavement, I have no clue whether it was the man or the lady that screamed.
It was embarrassing!
I scared them =.=
They thought I was about to run into the pavement and kill myself =x
But eventhough I was malu-fied, I ran off laughing like a silly monkey!
The second thing is I made my baby screamed =x
When we were about to leave the park, I didn't want to, so I sat in the car and leave the car door open and put my left leg outside.
Then he said, "You want me to drive with your leg outside?"
Then I say, "No larh!"
So I act like I wanted to close the door.
So I close the door with my legs outside.
He suddenly shout, "IAAAAAAHhhhhh!"
I scared him =x
It's funny how people see me and scream =.=
It hasn't happen since like last year.
I remember Teck Kien screams a lot at school =.=
Cause I do a lot of "stuffs" on purpose xD
After screaming, he will give me that =.=" face xD
That's what happened yesterday!

College had been really hectic this week.
Although it's only the 3rd week.
I love like my DONALD DUCK ME lecturer!
He is bald but cute! xD
He makes lotsa jokes during lecture and he's a little bit like me.
We say things halfway and then we forget and says NEVERMIND lahhh!
And, my IOM lecturer is scary! =x
That day we saw him after some tutorial class.
My friend said, "Ta bu hui ren si wo men de larh." (He won't recognise us.)
Then he ran across us and say, "Sui jiang bu ren si ni men?!" (Who says I don't recognise you all?!)
Amazing how he can recognise us!
My lecture contains 300+ students!
And he even bulged his eyes out xD
He's 24!!
College life is fun! =P

Oh yea, co-curriculum started this week =)
I'm in swimming club.
Kind of relaxing.
I'm in the beginners team.
Learnt breathing and floating ^^

Will update soon.

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