Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shoot me.

I don't understand why mum loves comparing me with my brother.
And guess what?
He always wins.
I'm always the loser.
I'm not as smart as he is.
I'm not a good daughter as he is as a son.
I'm a slow learner.
I complain way too much.
I don't know how to save money.
I'm just a fool that keeps my money in the bank and didn't give her any money when I was working.
Yeah, conclusion, I'm a fool.
She adores my brother.
He's the angel, and I'm the foolish devil.

Can't wait to go out this Friday with mainly best friends.
Oh yea, and some invited people I'm not close to.
When the invitation gets out of hand, the outing just feel meaningless.
So, will be meeting Anson's girlfriend.
Can't wait. HAHA.
2nd time going out with CM this holiday.
Finally an outing I have been longing for with him!
KTAR dude man!

Chee Ming, even when you are the only person with Mel and me, I won't make you feel awkward cause you're my best friend!
You're not a stranger okay!
Don't don't go just because you don't have a girl or a friend with you.

Staying at home alone these few days gave me a headache.
I have no idea why.
I have plenty to do but I chose not to.
I don't wanna clean my messy room because I love it just the way it is.
I don't wanna change it.
Holiday's gonna end soon.
And I only went out like 3 times.
And I have insufficient cash.
I don't wanna go back to college.
Life's miserable there =(

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