Monday, September 06, 2010

On the first day...

So, today is the first day of my first semester break!
Slept late last night, due to parents' argument.
Sharks betul.
Dad insisted that mum goes down to the living room to so-called-discuss when both of them are sleeping the same freaking room.
What's wrong with discussing in the freaking room?!
And when they go downstairs, dad instruct a few commands and he went back up to sleep.
I really wanna say WTF?!
Guys are so freaking ego-ish.
Dad purposely woke mum up, just to drag her all the way down and then leave her all alone downstairs.
And he thinks he's the greatest guy on earth because he goes for charity dinners, supports the church, gives OTHER people rides back home and treats OTHER people like his family.
So what if his income per month is more then my mum a hundred and one times?
Mum sacrificed more for her family.
She cooks delicious food for her family eventhough she comes back like 7 something in the night.
She buys breakfast for me and gor everyday.
Dad basically steps on people with his freaking money and I freaking hate that!
He can even fetch some OTHER people from UCSI to church, and not me to BB.
WTC is that?!

I don't even know what's the point of him getting involved in building a family when he doesn't even gets involved in staying together.
Nowadays, theres a lot of "I'm going for badminton later", "I'm going for dinner later", "I'm going to get my own lunch, you all go buy your own lunch"!
He earns his own money for his entertainment and relaxation.
Me and gor are just left to use mum's money for food and relaxation.

Oh yea, he even cut down on my expenditure because I'm gonna have 3 weeks of holiday.
He say I should stay at home and sleep.
I shouldn't spend any money going anywhere because I should try to save money.

All this while I have been struggling through college life because of all the assignments and homeworks that were never ending just to enjoy my holidays.
But now, it seems like hope is CRUSHED!
Everyday I need to stay at home ALONE and talk to the wall.
GRATS to me for living a beautiful life, with the wall. or maybe the doll.
Well, I'll just see which one suits me more.

Happy holidays!

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