Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day out with buddies.

First of all,
Didn't celebrate this year with her though.
Sent her a midnight message last night.
I guess she was pretty excited and happy about it.
Since she replied me "xD xD thank you"
Haha, miss her laughter, although got no sound =x

Anyway, went for meeting this morning.
I guess that wraps up the whole planning.
After that went Midvalley with the buddies.
Jes went xD
Pretty happy about it cause I think she studies too much =x
She's giving herself too much pressure.
Reminds me of how much I studied for SPM last year.
As if I'm a rajin person.
I'm not.
I just look rajin.
We ate at Carls Jr.
It's a little costly.
Biasalah for orang miskin like me.
And watched Grown Ups =)
Worth watched movie.
Then Jian sent me back.
It was a long ride cause we need to go to Setapak and then only back to Cheras.
Hmm, don't wanna talk about it.
I'm just so upset about whatever that happened. BLAHH...
When I reached home, parents already had their dinner, so I skipped mine.
Went to Giant and did some grocery shopping with parents.
When I came back, I cooked Maggi Goreng for dad and myself.
Then here I am.

Babi much.

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