Thursday, September 30, 2010

College post.

Mood kind of unstable, yet I'm gonna put those aside and continue blogging.
4th day of second semester.
Attended all my lecture classes this week.
Today is the final day of our first week.
Started off with English class.

On the way to college.
It was raining this morning.
But I planned to ignore the rain and asked mum to send me to college.
It wasn't raining at where I was staying.
As usual, when it rains, traffic congestion gets worse.
There were so many cars on the road.
And when we get on the MRR2 highway, it started drizzling and finally heavy rain.
I didn't even bother to take out the raincoat to put on.
Mum just continued the journey.
Yes, we were on the motorbike like always.
At first it was okay.
My pants below my knee got a bit wet because I can't cover them.
My helmet didn't have the mirrors in front to cover my face, so basically the rain was hitting my face real hard and I looked like I just came out of the shower and forgot to wipe my face =.=
It was okay until I reached the junction before reaching TAR College.
*Vroom!* A car rushes and *SPLASH!* the puddle of water on the ground splashed towards mum and me!
I though I will reach college not getting myself wet but ended up my pants was pretty wet =.=
What a start!

Then it was English class.
Teacher explained about the syllabus, bla, bla, bla.
Then there was presentation exercise!
I thought she would just give us some topic and we can write about it in a piece of paper or something theory-like-thing-to-do.
But I was indeed wrong.
She gave us 2 questions, asked us to think about it for 10 minutes and present it to the whole class.
Honestly, adrenaline rushed through my veins.
It has been so long since the last time I stood up and presented anything.
Okay, gotta do more practice in speaking out loud.
I'm so used to speaking inside my brain and to myself.
Now, everything's different.

Then we went to Taman Bunga Raya to eat =)
First time there.
Okay, 3rd @.@
First time was to buy Digi Campus with Han Jon didi.
Then 2nd time was to buy lunch with CM =)
And now third time, there for lunch with a bunch of classmates.
There was so many cats there.
That made me feel calm.
I love cats by the way.
They're just so freaking adorable!!
Anyway, after that I went to the library to wait for Seah cause she made an appointment with me to meet at the library at 12.30.
Cheh, like business woman pula =x
We did some business there, not monkey business.
She sold to me her IOM book.
Yay, I have a new book which cost me RM8!

Then I had Macroeconomics lecture.
Nice lecturer.
Gosh, I have 2 male lecturer.
This is nice =)
Oh ya, when my ME lecturer speaks, I close my eyes, I hear DONALD DUCK'S VOICE!
He's nice =)

I'm gonna chop my hair tomorrow!
Chop chop chop!
Anybody wants hairchop? =]

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