Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Starting to kinda miss high school =x

I have to admit, I MISS PERIMBUN =x
Nahh, not Perimbun, just my classmates =D
Okay, college days finally started.
The stress and pressure in ON!
Here is my schedule, just incase anyone wanna find me, only find me when I do not have classes.
Monday - 10-12am Lecture
Tuesday - 8-9, 9-11am Lecture and 12.30-2pm Tutorial
Wednesday - 4-5.30pm Tutorial
Thursday - 9.30-11, 12.30-2pm Tutorial and 3-5pm Lecture
Friday 8-9.30, 2.30-4pm Tutorial

Monday-Friday classes. Omgosh, that's suffering =x
On top of that, travelling to and fro is another trouble =(
I need at least 2 hours of time to travel.
It's super tiring.

So since, I'll be having class at 4pm ltr, I might as well get ready now =D


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