Tuesday, May 04, 2010

First intention was to post the outing-with-my-ns-friends picture, but when I put it here, it looks so kecik. So I decided not to xD

What I miss and not miss after leaving NS.

I miss...
Yana waking me up in the morning when she's about to leave the dorm for her solat.
Singing, talking to each other and disturbing friends while bathing =x
Listening to Mel saying GETEK to every single human that disturbs or annoy her.
And Yee that goes "Apa-apa pun getek!" after Mel says getek xD
Kelas kerohanian =x
Wearing towel and walking around the dorm =x
Having kompeni meetings =)
Being late for 2.30pm gathering and getting PT10 =x (PT10 is a punishment)
Hearing Yee scream =x
Sending the bodi dobi =D
Listen and see Rubby argue with Archana every night xD
Teachers calling me spykid and budak perimbun =x
Listening to the radio in dewan makan.
Sing along when familiar songs goes on the radio =)
Walking through the famous blue bridge ^^
And the ones in my dorm.

I DON'T miss...
Waking up early in the morning.
Sweat after taking a bath.
Washing my own clothes.
PLKN's tadika classes!

Lalala..that's all I guess.
Preparing myself physically and mentally to go for college xD
So, every day of my college life, I need to take the public transport to and fro like a siao lang.
Just for transpot, per month, I need to spend RM100.
Time : Around 1 hour ++ one way x_X
If I'm lucky! ONE HOUR.
So, I'll pray that I will be lucky EVERYDAY =)

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