Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Off-ed today.
My first off day ^^
Should be very happy.
Yes, I am happy indeed ^^
Went out with him today.
Last minute CNY shopping!
He larh!
Go wear his new clothes, so need buy new ones!
Hang on.
Blog bout work first =)

So, according to him, I improved my cantonese and mandarin ^^
Glad to hear that.
Instead of people calling me banana all the time =.=
Friends I met at my working place...
First person I saw!
Obviously the SUPERVISOR a.k.a the mother of the shop, Yiu Kee..
She's nice, strict and FAIR ^^ as in adil..
Then there's Ah Ling ^^ She's very very nice to me. Can explain everything to me nicely. But I think she quit dy. So can't see her anymore =(
Then got Kiwi a.k.a PSP girl =x Muahahaha! Why PSP girl? Cause she loves spending her free time playing PSP xD She's ok..cute, funny and helpful.
Then there's a pretty, I mean very pretty girl named Lily a.k.a LL! Why? Cause her name is Lily and she is Leng Lui..she's very competitive, top seller in the shop for many consecutive months and her voice damn soft. But she's fierce, air yang tenang jangan ingat tiada buaya! =P
Then got J.Woon, that's what written on her card @.@ But we call her carmen ^^ She looks fierce all the time but she's quite nice sometimes =D
Then got Pui Yee a.k.a TB xD Nicest to me in the shop xD Loves my mum's cooking =x Very childish and quite helpful. Quite emotional though =)
Then we have Ah Yee ^^ Nice, friendly, always teach me new things, helpful and leng lui ^^
And 2 last ones are the weekenders! xD John and Ah Mun...John IS NOT A GUY! She is a girlguy xD Quite nice to talk to, but I don't really know her @.@
Ah Mun, very helpful and LUCKY!! xD
So my working hours are either 11am-8pm or 1pm-10pm.
Or full day, which is 11am-10pm.
I have one hour break =D

So, about today ^^
Met up at Tasik Selatan.
KTM-ed to Midvalley.
Then we bought movie tickets.
Watched Tiger Woo Hoo ^^
Ok lorh, funny! xD
Then we walked around.
Bought that string bracelet.
One for him and one for me ^^
His one damn nice eh xD
Mine, okok lorh ^^
Then went Jusco to shop for his CNY clothes.
Then bought a new cup for gor cause he broke his =.=
Went back at 5.30pm.
In KTM something happened @.@
I don't know what cause the KTM was like sardin can =.=
Just heard a girl screaming...lalala..
Reached home at 6 something then rest ^^
That's all for today.
Will be leaving to Penang on Saturday morning ^^

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