Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy CNY =D
Been gone to Penang for 5 days.
Came back today.
Went back last Friday night right after work ^^
Nothing much to update.
Got very little ang pao this year.
Ate not much Penang food cause CNY, so not many shops open for business =.=
Ate Pizza Hut on the second day of CNY @.@ xD
3rd day went out for dinner with the whole family ^^
10 people nia..
Slept between the cupboards in Grandma's room every night =x
Went to uncle's house today.
Played card.
First time CNY gamble zzz
Win a bit.
Tomorrow most will be leaving to JB.
Uncle will be leaving to Phillipines.
Another day of rest and back to work.
Anyone wanna come my house tomorrow, just come k.
After lunch.
After that no more visiting, no more CNY, no more holidays, no more meeting friends, unless they wanna meet me in TS.
Well, that's all.
Mood kinda unstable these few days.
Guess I'm no perfect girl for you.
My weaknesses are not accepted by you.
People say where there's sacrifices, there's love.
Let's try then.
Maybe I should sacrifice more...

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