Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I can't believe I abandoned my blog again x_X

Sigh. SPM is coming nearer.
School days are ENDING!
No more waking up early in the morning, complaining about every shyt we have to deal with in school and end up missing it =(
Today had ceramah for Chemistry and Physics.
Of all people, I kena tegur. SE-WET betul man!
I guess I really changed a lot x_X
Good also larh.
Get noticed by teachers =)
Anyway, there's nothing much I wanna update about.
Hypothesis of my last experiment was accepted =)

Anyway, who in the world does not like new things?
Everyone, okay, 1/10 of humans will abandon their old stuff when they have new stuff right?
There's so much in my but its so freaking hard to express it in blog nowadays.
Rather not make it public.
Good luck to all sitting for end year examinations and also SPM =)
And STPM too of course!
Computer is the only distraction I have at home.
And facebook is the main culprit =.=
Lalala..studying hard for SPM =)

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