Friday, November 27, 2009

Back to blogging life again..
SPM examination days had been super boring x_X

Everything was OKAY xD
Quoted from xCm - It's fun to see everyone around you PANIC xD
Everyone was going mad about addmaths the other day xD
Okay, so 7 subjects down, 3 more to go.
Don't know why, there weren't any adrenaline rush in any of our body.
So we basically went through everyday like normal.

Fun at Lynnie Lynn's house
On Wednesday, after Addmaths 1, Brig, Gin and I went to Lynn's house.
First reason, we had no where to hang out.
Second reason, the weather was freaking HAWT!
Third reason, brig wanted to check her PLKN thingy.
Ended up going on to facebook and checking out pictures =.=
So Brig and I kept introducing guys that we think has the LOOKS.
Yay yay, they said Alex was cute.
And now Lynn is a friend of Alex in facebook.
Gin and Lynn fought over Alex xD
That was what Brig, Asha, Mabel, Frances and I did last year x_X
Anyway, then Lynn on-ned Pandora and made her character look sexy by removing all her clothes and show us how she her cape could fly xD
3o minutes before going back to school, we realised that we weren't any good in Addmaths, so we took the real Addmaths's book and open it xD
Gin was already doing latihan that time. She's a guddy good girl xD
Thanks a lot for lending your house to us Lynn =)

Fun at xCm's house =)
It was one day before Addmaths's paper, Tuesday.
Mel and I went to xCm's house.
First reason, study Addmaths.
Second reason, BISCUIT!!!!
xD xD xD xD
We did some latihan.
Played with biscuit xD
Then xCm checked my PLKN thingy for me.
Ish!! 2nd or 3rd batch =.=
Hate it man.
They say people that attitude bad won't go first batch.
Gosh, I think I'm a bad girl xD
Then we opened The Sims 3 T.T
But I couldn't play T.T
Arggghhhh, I wanna play the Sims 3 so badly!!!
Then after that cm's mum gave mel and I one tortoise taste jelly 0.o
It was so so so so bitter x_X
Thanks mel for helping me finish it =D
After Mel went home, cm continue teaching me application of differentiation.
Thanks cm for lending your house =)

So that's all for this week.

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