Sunday, July 07, 2013

The things I think.

I think....

I am qualified enough to be called a Chinese :D (Super proud!)
I am loud when it comes to sports :\ (I shout too much. Too much enthusiasm I guess)
I am a very quiet to strangers.
I am a risk adverse person.
I think too much all the time.
I do not like commitments.
my English is becoming worse and worse.
I am addicted to shopping.
I love being alone. (This is bad, I guess?)
I talk too much at times :\
I love working life more than study life :\
I need to start working out again. (Fats accumulating at my waist and thigh area. ARGHH!)
I want to switch my facial stuff all to Hada Labo brand. (The best so far, after trying like 412312489346 brands =.=)
I am very naggy.
I am writing too much.
I will stop soon.
I am gonna stop.
I am still typing.
I am gonna sleep.
I shall say goodbye.


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